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Phuc H. Duong

Welcome to my personal website. I am currently a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Information Technology, Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam. My academic journey intertwines with my role in the Research & Development department at NewAI Vietnam, where I spearhead the development of innovative software solutions, focusing on web-based applications and AI-driven technologies. My research fervor lies in harnessing the power of machine learning to advance natural language processing and graph-based modeling. I earned my Master's degree in Computer Science from TDTU in 2017. With over eight years of hands-on experience in research and development, I am deeply engaged in projects at the nexus of AI and web applications.

📣 What's News

  • [Oct 1, 2023] Introducing KamiMind.AI — A powerful platform for creating and trading bots based on personal and business data.
  • [Jul 1, 2023] Introducing edX-Docs in Vietnamese [read more]
  • [Jun 8, 2023] Introducing - - my new domain that focuses on AI topics
  • [Mar 14, 2023] Mini web-based toolkits
  • [Sept 2, 2022] Local organizing co-chairs of CVCI 2023
  • [Jun 2, 2022] Introducing two web development tutorials that present how to use Microsoft Graph to implement the single sign-on (SSO) and send mail functionalities [Tut-1 | Tut-2]
  • [Apr 10, 2022] The first chapter in the series of "Machine Learning with Graphs" (in Vietnamese: Học máy với đồ thị) has been released, please click here to visit the site.
  • [Nov 29, 2021] Launching the first version of SmartCV (Vietnam) - A web app that allows you to compose your CV based on a lot of professional and customizable up-to-date templates. The composed CV is available in both PDF and web format which is easy sharing.