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[In-progress] Releasing a series of Machine Learning with Graphs

Apr 10, 2022

A new series of "Machine Learning with Graphs" (in Vietnamese: Học máy với đồ thị) articles is rolling out. The main content of this series is to present the theories and practices of machine learning with graphs, in particular, it is expected to consist of 17 chapters, and is carefully composed in the from-novice-to-advanced style. This series is available in Vietnamese and is delivered to you in both web and PDF formats. Since the series isn't complete currently, I have just launched the web version, and the PDF version (as a book) will be officially released when I finish the series.

The web version of this series is available at

Chapter 1 is online, please read it at

Website Reconstruction

Apr 2, 2022 (Updated on Jun 8, 2023)

On Apr 2, 2022, I released a new version of my homepage which was redesigned from the ground up. The new website significantly changes elements such as the code, contents, structure, and visual; thus, some of the old contents including links, resources may not be available in this new version. If you need access to the old contents, please feel free to drop me an email.

I would like to inform you that the DHPIT.COM and FASTAI.DEV domains is also owned and operated by me.