CS501045 – Strategic IT Applications


  • This foundation course develops an understanding of the role of IT in the value chain and the ever-changing competitive arena of information age.
  • The focus is on the following topics:
    • The nature and characteristics of information technology (IT),
    • The strategic roles of IT for organizational improvements in operations,
    • Planning and decision making.
  • The course is directed toward future IT specialists, consultants, and managers who:
    • must have a basic understanding of information technologies,
    • identifying strategic opportunities for Information Systems (IS) deployment, managing IT resources, and evaluating IT investments.


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  • Chapter 00: Course Introduction [Lecture]
  • Chapter 01: Managing in the Digital World [Lecture | CS1 | CS2 | CS3 | Exercise]
  • Chapter 02: Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Information Systems [Lecture | CS1 | CS2 | Exercise]
  • Chapter 03: Managing the Information Systems Infrastructure and Services [Lecture | CS1 | Exercise]
  • Chapter 04: Enabling Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce [Lecture | CS1]
  • Chapter 05: Enhancing Organizational Communication and Collaboration Using Social Media [Lecture | CS1]
  • Chapter 6: Enhancing Business Intelligence Using Information Systems [Lecture | CS1]
  • Chapter 7: Enhancing Business Processes Using Enterprise Information Systems [Lecture | CS1]
  • Chapter 8: Strengthening Business-to-Business Relationships via Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management [Lecture | CS1]
  • Chapter 9 : Developing and Acquiring Information Systems [Lecture | CS1]
  • Chapter 10: Securing Information Systems [Lecture | CS1]
  • Chapter 11: Managing Knowledge [Lecture]
  • Chapter 12: Enhancing Decision Making [Lecture]
  • Chapter 13: Building Systems [Lecture]
  • Chapter 14: Managing Projects [Lecture]
  • Chapter 15: Managing Global Systems [Lecture]


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